Land of Waterfalls over 200 waterfalls in Transylvania County North Carolina

Waterfall MapDupont State Park Map

View a wonderful map of the waterfalls in our area and go on a tour. We live in the land of the waterfalls so don't go home without visiting a few they are truly beautiful and may even increase your lifespan.

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Hiking and Waterfalls

Land of The Waterfalls - It is a place where 250 waterfalls and countless streams have taken centuries to patiently carve the very faces of these mountains. Where a temperate rain forest supports some of the rarest plant and animal species on the planet.

Hunger Games Fan Tours Launch in Brevard, NC - Suzanne Collins' smash young adult novel The Hunger Games looks like it could well be the smash movie of 2012. Adapted for the screen by Collins herself, the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy was shot in multiple locations in North Carolina in 2011 - including Transylvania County's own DuPont State Recreational Forest. Over 200 actors and crew made DuPont their home for several days over the summer, shooting key scenes that showcased the area's lush forests and breathtaking waterfalls. The world premiere of the movie on March 23 will no doubt make Transylvania County a magnet for fans of the novel who want to see firsthand the locations used to bring this exciting story to life.



Sliding Rock nature made waterpark in Transylvania CountySliding Rock

Sliding Rock is a 60' natural rock slide with a 6-7 foot deep pool at the base - perfect for you folks looking for a waterfall to slide down. The slide is a Forest Service recreation area with lifeguards and staff are on duty from Memorial Day week end through Labor Day. There is a fee of $1 per person to access the area. Parking is somewhat limited, so go early if you can. It will be crowded on a summer week end. I think kids have to be a certain size to slide alone, but can sit on the lap of an adult. There are bathrooms which are open in season. For more info, call the US Forest Service at 828-877-3350.






Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania CountyLooking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls is one of the most popular falls in Western North Carolina. The name "Looking Glass" comes from Looking Glass Rock, where water freezes on its sides in the winter and then glistens in the sunlight like a mirror or looking glass. Looking Glass Creek, which flows past the rock, is also named for the impressive natural structure. Its easy accessibility makes Looking Glass Falls a popular spot for travelers along U.S. 276 near Brevard. The falls are 60 feet tall.







Hooker Falls in Transylvania CountyHooker Falls

The fourth falls on the Little River, Hooker Falls drops about 11' into Cascade Lake. Part of the original DuPont State Forest, Hooker Falls has become a popular swimming hole.









High Falls in Transylvania CountyHigh Falls

The second and tallest of the Little River falls, High Falls slides 150' down an inclined plane of granite. The falls can be viewed from a picnic shelter, built on the site of the old Buck Forest Hunt Club lodge, or from a slippery trail to the bottom of the falls.









Bridal Veil's Photo by Bill DuyckBridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is unique because you can drive your car right underneath it! The water falls 120 feet from above, right over U.S. 64. It is a good place to stop on your way to Dry Falls and Cullasaja Falls.









Dry FallsDry Falls

Dry Falls is a legendary day use destination, popular for more than 80 years. A newly-constructed accessible overlook provides impressive view of the 80 foot waterfall. The CCC-constructed 1/2-mile trail provides a unique experience, taking visitors into a natural grotto behind the waterfall. The newly-expanded parking area, one of the few stops in winding Cullasaja River Gorge, offers an accessible restroom, trash cans, picnic tables, and visitor information. The site is popular year round: between March and November, the observation area and trail are bustling with visitors; during the winter months visitors enjoy the views of the often-frozen waterfall and icicles.






Whitewater Falls Photo by Bill DuyckWhitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies. The falls plunge an amazing 411 feet! South Carolina's Lower Whitewater Falls drops another 400 feet. Because of the escarpment's difficult access and rugged terrain, much of the area receives few visitors and has remained wild and undeveloped over the years. In the cool, moist shade of steep slopes and rock cliffs, wildflowers and salamanders abound. This wild land is also a perfect haven for a rich array of ferns, mosses, and fungi. Enjoy the beauty of berries and blooms throughout the seasons.






Silver Run Falls Photo by Bill DuyckSilver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls spills 30 feet into a pool of water. Silver Run Falls illustrates the simple beauty of water spilling over rocks into a quiet pool below. Photo by Bill Duyck. There is a short, easy trail to the base of the falls. The falls are located off NC 107, 4.1 miles south of Cashiers. Park in the pull-off on the left.








Triple Falls in Transylvania CountyTriple Falls

The third of the Little River Falls, Triple consists of three distinct cascades, totalling about 120' in vertical drop. Featured in the movie Last of the Mohicans, Triple Falls is about a seven minute walk from the Hooker Falls parking









Connestee Falls in Transylvania CountyConnestee Falls

The falls are currently closed to the public. A county park is planned, but construction had not yet started as of July 2010 and the falls are fenced off. The parking lot from which the falls were previously accessed is found by traveling on U.S. Highway 276, 6 miles south of the intersection of 276, U.S. Highway 64, and NC Highway 280 in Brevard, North Carolina. Turn right into the parking lot for Connestee Falls Realty.






Some Photos and information about waterfalls was provided by United States Department of Agriculture more photos and information can be found by clicking here


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