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Recommended Fishing Guides!

Waterfall CabinDavidson River Outfitters
Davidson River Outfitters is located at the entrance to beautiful Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, North Carolina. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with the city of Asheville to our north and the resort towns of Lake Toxaway, Cashiers, and Highlands to our west; we are in the heart of Southern Appalachia.

We are lucky to have the Davidson River, one of Trout Unlimited's Top 100 streams in the nation, flowing right outside our back door. There is easy access to Pisgah and Natahala National Forest, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Gorges and DuPont State Parks. We have nearly 600 miles of public trout water within an hour of our shop. In addition to the trout water we have 200 miles of water with smallmouth bass and musky. We also have several miles of privately owned trout water that is managed for trophy trout.

So break away for a few days and let the rivers and mountains of Western North Carolina help you forget! Give us a call toll free at 888-861-0111 and we can arrange for our guides to take you to the best fishing in the southeast.

Waterfall CabinHeadwaters Outfitters
Headwaters Outfitters offers Guided fly fishing trips near Brevard,North Carolina! Located in Western NC between Brevard and Highlands / Cashiers, Headwaters Outfitters is a fly shop and Fly Fishing Guide Service with a Fly Fishing School uniquely situated near some of the finest trout streams in the Southeast.

Our "North Fork Private Waters"”offer guaranteed solitude and the chance to catch trophy-sized trout (up to 20 inches) in a pristine mountain stream environment. The popular East Fork of the French Broad is just minutes away, offering catch-and-release regulations and healthy fish populations from October through June.

The North Fork of the French Broad River flows out of the Pisgah National Forest right behind our fly shop, providing back-door access for those who want to try out a new rod or learn to cast.

Trout Streams in Transylvania County, Brevard NC

View Trout Stocking Schedule near Brevard, NC 28712
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View Trout Signs you will See along designated Waters 

Trout FishBOBBY N. SETZER STATE FISH HATCHERY (Transylvania County)

Pisgah Located in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, Bobby N. Setzer State Fish Hatchery is the state's largest trout hatchery. The facility consists of 16 indoor rearing tanks, where trout are kept until they are "fingerlings" (about three inches long), and 54 outdoor raceways, where the fish are grown until they are "catchable" size (at least 10 inches long). The water supply for the hatchery comes from surface water diversions on Davidson River and Grogan Creek, which supply about 3,500 gallons per minute of cold mountain water year-round. The Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery produces both fingerling- and catchable-trout for the Wildlife Resources Commission's hatchery-supported trout waters program.

The Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery was built in the late 1950s by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and was operated as a national fish hatchery for more than 20 years. Since 1983, the Commission has operated and maintained the hatchery for trout production and distribution. During the mid-1990s, the Commission renovated and modernized the hatchery, adding a liquid oxygen aeration system that increased production capacity from about 175,000 pounds to 250,000 pounds of trout annually.

Hatchery Operations
Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery maintains its own strains of brook, brown and rainbow trout broodstock. These fish supply the fertilized eggs used to produce successive generations of trout. Mature broodfish are spawned during October and November, and the fertilized eggs are maintained in incubators until hatching, usually 30-40 days. For the following year, the fish are given a nutritionally complete feed two to three times each day, and grow at a rate up to one inch per month. Sixteen months after the eggs are spawned, 10-inch trout are ready for stocking.

Stocking Operations
Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery stocks catchable trout in public mountain trout waters of 15 counties in western North Carolina. Brook, brown and rainbow trout are distributed among approximately 80 different streams and lakes using two-ton trucks with insulated transport tanks. Water recirculation and aeration provide life support for the fish during the transport, which may last eight hours or longer. Three distribution trucks annually complete more than 200 stocking trips, covering more than 36,000 miles.

Additional Information
Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery shares its site facilities with the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education, which features interactive exhibits, education sites and interpretive displays explaining the various wildlife management activities of the Wildlife Resources Commission. The education center features a hatchery raceway exhibit that describes the trout production process in detail. Bobby N. Setzer Hatchery is located one mile off US 276 in the Pisgah National Forest near the town of Pisgah Forest. For more information, write to Bobby N. Setzer State Fish Hatchery, P.O. Box 728, Pisgah Forest, N.C. 28768 or call the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education at (828) 877-4423.

Hatch Charts for Surrounding Western North Carolina Rivers

January - April
Months Dry Flies Hook Size
Jan - Feb Cream, Brown, Gray/Black Midge 20-26
Jan - Apr Male Adams 14-16
Jan - Apr Parachute Adams 14-16
Jan - Apr Royal Wulff 12-14
Feb - Mar Black Caddis 18-20
Feb - Mar BWO 16-20
Mar Quill Gordon 12-16
Mid-Late Mar Lt. Hendrickson 12-18
Late Mar March Brown 12-16
Mar - Apr Red Quill 14-16
Months Nymphs Hook Size
Jan - Mar B.H. Prince 14-18
Jan - Mar B.H. Pheasant Tail 14-18
Jan - Mar B.H. Hares Ear 14-18
Jan - Mar Peeking Caddis 14-18
Jan - Mar Sheep Fly 8-12
Jan - Mar Muskrat 8-14
Jan - Mar Secret Weapon 8-14
Jan - Mar Mod. Secret Weapon 8-14
Jan - Mar Black Stone Fly 8-12
Jan - Mar My Pet 10-12
Jan - Feb Zug Bug 10-12
Jan - Mid. Feb Kevin's Stone Fly 8-12
Mar - Apr Brown Stone Fly 8-12
Mar - Apr Tellico 10-12
Months Streamers Hook Size
Jan - Mar Muddler Minnow 6-12
Jan - Mar Black Ghost 6-8
Jan - Mar Spuddler minnow 4-6
Jan - Mar Lt. Rainbow Trout 6-8
Jan - Mar Wooly Booger 8-10
May - September
Months Dry Flies Hook Size
May Lt. Hendrickson 14-16
May Little Yellow Stone Flies 10-14
May Yellow Stimulator 10-16
May - June Female Adams 12-16
May - June Mr Rapidan 8-14
May - June Green Drake 8-12
May - June Near Nuff 8-14
May - June Light Cahill 12-20
May - June Light Cahill Parachute 12-16
May - June White Wulff 8-14
May - June Yellow May 12-18
May - Aug Adams Variant 12-16
May - Sept Caddis Gray, Yellow, Green 14-18
July - Aug B.W.O. (dry/nymph) 12-14

Here are several variations of dries to try.

Hendrickson - Red Quill - Early Brown Stone
Little Brown Stone - Yellow Elk hair Caddis - Yellow Sally
Yellow Palmer - Brown Caddis - Dark Elk Hair Caddis

Months Nymphs Hook Size
May - July Yallarhammer 8-10
May Sheep Fly 8-12
May RFSN 10-16
May B.H. Pheasant Tail 12-18
May - Aug Super Fly 6-10
May - Aug Kevin's Stone Fly 6-10
May - June Yellow/Brown Stone 8-12
July - Aug B.W.O. (dry/nymph) 12-14
Months Streamers Hook Size
May Wooly Buggers  
May Sculpins  
May Muddler Minnows  
Months Terrestrials Hook Size
May - Aug Ants 14-20
May - Aug Beetles 14-20
May - Aug Inch Worms 8-12
May - Sept Hoppers 6-12
September - December
Months Terrestrials Hook Size
Sept. Ants (Black and Red) 12-20
Sept. Beetles 12-18
Sept. Hoppers 6-12
Sept. Crickets 10-14
Sept-1st. frost Kevin's Caterpillar 10-12
Sept. Inch Worm 10-12
Sept. Hellgrammite 8-12
Sept. Hot Creek Special 8-12
Sept. Yellow Stone Nymph 14-16
Sept.- Mid Oct. Don & Kevin's Caddis (green & gray) 12-16
Sept.- Mid Oct. G. Neil Daniel 8-12
Sept.- Mid Oct. Sulfur Dun 14-16
Sept.- Mid Oct. Queen of the Water 14-16
Sept.- Oct. Tennessee Wulff 14-18
Sept.- Oct. Kevin's Stone Fly 8-12
Sept.- Oct. Adams Variant 12-16
Sept.- Nov. Blue Winged Olive 16-18
Sept.- Dec. B.H. Pheasant Tail 12-16
Sept.- Dec. Pheasant Tail 12-16
Sept.-Dec. B.H. Hare's Ear 12-16
Sept.-Dec. Hare's Ear 12-16
Sept.-Dec. Flashback Hare's Ear 12-16
Sept.-Dec. Caddis Pupa 12-16
Sept.-Dec. Midges: Gnats, Grizzly, Cream 20-26
Nov.-Dec. Midges: Gnats, Grizzly, Cream, Adams 20-26
Nov.-Dec. Streamers 8-10
Nov.-Dec. Muddler Minnow 8-12