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Directions to Trout House Falls

Luxury secluded streamside cabin located in Brevard NC

The Streamside Home

194 Steamside Dr
Brevard, North Carolina

The Waterfall Cabin

196 Streamside Dr
Brevard, North Carolina

The Riverfront Cottage

9390 EastFork Road
Brevard, North Carolina

We can’t wait for you to come visit our wonderful luxury vacation cottages and cabins! Please note that Google only takes you so far on the Streamside Home and Waterfall Cabin. We have listed additional directions below that will take you straight to them. If you have any questions call us at 704-691-2131. Please note that cell phones do not work within a 6 mile radius of the “Waterfall Cabin” and “Streamside Home”.

Once Google tells you to turn on Crane Lane here are the additional directions:

1. Disregard red & white “No Trespassing” sign.
2. The Cabin and the Home are 4/10 mile straight ahead (NO TURNS)
3. After the 2 barns, the gravel road becomes Streamside Drive and Crane Lane goes to the right. Stay straight on Streamside Drive (NO TURNS). The road will lead to a split rail fence which will lead to a rock wall.
4. At the rock wall is “The Streamside Home” (an A frame cedar shake house with a green tin roof) or veer left to “The Waterfall Cabin”.
Questions, call 704-691-2131.

Click Here for printable version of additional directions.